Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Oh, darling,a wish!
Let me think,how about
a Wonder woman, fighting against
Ego ,the very devil!

May be ,a fairy Goddess?
Aha!My touch alone,it should
hush the deepest of pains
and rush the brightest of smiles.😊
Oh well, I'd love to sit on Mars
making contracts with aliens,😉
keeping in check,the comets,
asteroids and the blazing Sun.🌞
But,don't you know,honey,
that I'd rather wish,
For the gaze you cast, that makes
even the Universe stand still.
For the infinity of your lips on mine
as you drive every cell,rapt in awe.
For the magic you spread,
making the galaxies collide,within me,
as I begin sweating stars.
Tell me,my love,
don't you really know,
that all I would ever wish for is
just to be an atom in your body?

Thursday, 3 December 2015

When I kissed 'your' man, I sought the beautiful poems his lips have hidden.
I pulled 'your' man's gaze to me,
for I wished to show him his dreams buried in his melancholy eyes.
The venom between my legs built 'your' man while destroying me.

My soul was shattered and broken and kept hitting the shores.
He drowned in my soul and chased me deeper into the seas until I vanished.

Hold your man tight,for I will rise again!
This time,with more turbulence,but he won't drown,
for,now I'm not the waves beating the shore.
I'm the wind ,carrying souls to their stars.
And 'your' man, I know, is not afraid to fly.

                                                                                                                           - Sunaina.
There was a boy,in the good old times,

whose friends were numbers.

He put his heart into rows and columns,

soul in expressions and roots.

his passion for maths grew day by day.

BUT, they pushed him,his parents,into physiology

thought no other

'd get him a penny

The young aloof learnt,in the sun,

organs and their wrath

crept under his covers,with a lamp ,

to make love to his math

He is 'SIR' SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN , we all know

the rest is history, it all did go

I bowed down to the scholar

's lamp,

afterall, it's not mean!

WHAT a LOSS of rich math heritage ,

if it wouldn

't have been!

But,havever thought? it might open up,

our indian oyster, into a magnificient pearl

if not lost, such blessed and ignited minds,

in the whirlwind of the world

Oh! Isn

't it , seem to you, poignant?

it brings me inimitable pain!



ve driven, these monotonicity and mundanity,

many inherent flames to wane!There

lived a poor little rabbit,

which forgot how to hop

because that foolish creature has attended,


Tell me, I beg you, what he has to do?

a painter with Economy

a scienco with the literary

a wrestler with the history

nothing but, themselves betray!

Pray let the flames in the young minds burn,

with their own quintessence

neede for this reform, no bars and fringes,

also the bloody surveillance

Scholars always paid heed to their superego

attractions of worldly gossamers,in vain

To swerve from conscience and stumble over,

is that done by an insane!

Let's put our strenuous efforts,

Say to your lad,

to unstrangle the chained young minds

"Mind is your enchanted vehicle"

let himself be its chaffeur

And Do remember to inoculate in him,

principal values and morality

for an unconstained ride , as they say,

always ends tragically!

Some say, it's difficult,

to change the rooted attitude

I know, transformation has always been harder,

but there

'd have been no butterflies!

It's certain that, once it gets initiated,

the reform further strides over

for every change in this mighty world,

good or bad, is always ACCELERATING!

Let it flow out, the wisdom in the blessed minds

for the cause that needs assistance

for the wrong that needs resistance

for the future awaiting in the distance

and for our ambulant nation,

to run a marathon!