Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Oh, darling,a wish!
Let me think,how about
a Wonder woman, fighting against
Ego ,the very devil!

May be ,a fairy Goddess?
Aha!My touch alone,it should
hush the deepest of pains
and rush the brightest of smiles.😊
Oh well, I'd love to sit on Mars
making contracts with aliens,😉
keeping in check,the comets,
asteroids and the blazing Sun.🌞
But,don't you know,honey,
that I'd rather wish,
For the gaze you cast, that makes
even the Universe stand still.
For the infinity of your lips on mine
as you drive every cell,rapt in awe.
For the magic you spread,
making the galaxies collide,within me,
as I begin sweating stars.
Tell me,my love,
don't you really know,
that all I would ever wish for is
just to be an atom in your body?